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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Choking Game Education Brings Awareness And Life Changing Outlook On Life....Literally #ChokingGame

I love when awareness about education brings a life change to someone, this article proves that.
By kdiggs  |  Posted July 10, 2014  |  Wilmington, Delaware
I received my MFA in Creative Writing at Full Sail University and writing is all I want to do. It doesn't matter the medium; journalism, screenwriting, novels, etc. As a writer, I am trying to climb up the ladder like all writers who want to make it. Of course, that entails doing internships.

Recently, I took an internship with Vast Entertainment Productions. The CEO, Lane Shefter Bishop, was willing to give me a chance when others would not. When I took this internship, I didn’t know what to expect from it. I was excited, eager to learn more about the writing world and film, and ready to get to work. The experience has been great, but I didn’t expect to be this much invested in one project alone. I had not heard about a deadly game being played by teenagers throughout the world until I was assigned to work on The Choking Game Film project.

The Choking Game Film is based on the book titled, “Choke” written by Diana Lopez. It’s considered a game, not just any game, but a dangerous game, one that can kill. The game is also known as Pass out”, “Tap out” or “The Choking Game.” A game played where children most ages from 9-16 choke themselves or each other in order to get high. Air doesn’t circulate to the brain which causes the child to get high or, worse, stop breathing all together. At the internship, I was given the role of Social Media Intern.

My job is to promote the film, which airs on Lifetime July 26, 2014 at 8PM PT/ET. In order to do this I have been promoting via social media. When I made the Facebook’s Fan Page for the film, that’s when my life changed. Parents, friends, and family members started to reach out about their kids and loved ones dying from the choking game. They shared pictures, inboxed me their stories, and uplifted each other. The experience was overwhelming. I love how the community is reaching out and supporting each other. I don’t understand what these parents are going through, have gone through or will go through, but I want to make parents aware of this deadly game. This essay is my contribution to bringing awareness to the parents that are unfamiliar with this horrible game. To the kids that may be reading this essay, if you have or have not played the game; please let your friends know about the danger that is involved. It is not a game.

This experience thus far has taught me to love, not worry about things that are out of my control, and live life to the fullest. This experience has given me a new outlook on life. After my internship is finished it doesn’t matter if I am offered employment or not, I am grateful to be able to bring joy and awareness into so many people’s lives with the film that will be on Lifetime. It gives the families hope and spreads word so that this will not happen to any more children. United we stand and divided we fall.

To the families, friends and loved ones that has lost a child to this game, I pray for you and hope that you will find peace. I close with Lisa Johnson and Britney Krueger’s story. Hopefully it will help all of you to gain further perspective on the seriousness of this issue and call you to action for prevention.

My son’s name is Tristan Alexander Farnsworth. He was born on 6/2/99, 6lbs. 2 oz. He was such a sweet baby. Very easy going and slept through the night from the very first night. He was always very curious about everything. Wanting to know how everything worked. He was so smart. When he was in 8th grade the teachers said he was on a college reading level. I was always so very proud of how smart he was. He had such a good sense of humor and was so sweet to everyone he knew. All his friends would tell me how if they were having a bad day he would do everything he could to make them laugh. One of his closest friends told me that she was on the verge of committing suicide and he talked her out of it and she felt that he saved her life. Tristan was such a good big brother and he loved his sister so very much!! We have a huge hole in our lives without him in it. There is not a day that goes by that I do not think or have a mental movie in my mind of finding him that day. There are more moments happening more frequently that I think about all the times and moments I had with him. Those times are finally starting to outweigh the dark ones. I miss him so much!! Britney Krueger

I lost my handsome son Tyler Griffin on Feb 6th 2009 to this game. My son was only 12 yrs. old when he passed. Ty had so many dreams even at 12. So many of his friends looked up to him. Still till this day I hear such beautiful stories. Ty touched so many people hearts! He loved playing football they nicknamed him Blaze due to him blazing right thru the line :) Ty also loved fishing any chance he got he wanted to go also loved to cook. His smile would make you smile. Ty was an all-around wonderful, great, amazing child. Ty is missed so dearly. Every year we go to the cemetery to celebrate his birthday. We release balloons and sing Happy Birthday at 5 pm sharp the time Ty was born and have cupcakes and talk and remember our Sweet Angel. ~Lisa Johnson


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