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Monday, May 17, 2010

Ed4Ed's Injury Prevention Program --Update; The 3rd Edition

 Welcome to the 3rd Edition of Ed4Ed’s Injury Prevention Program
The release date of this edition has been significantly delayed because the program has undergone substantial BUT beneficial changes. Lyndi and I had an amazing two weeks in April at her home in Alaska: an extremely productive 14 day think tank. Simplicity is the key to making this program work. Lyndi’s Database and technical skills made all the difference and proved the critical component in the new format of the program. Making the program software work harder—and more efficiently for all of us was our objective. I do believe we have made huge strides in that direction. Our Database is now consolidated and efficiently generating reports that drive statistical data. This ensures updates will be released on time, every time. The delay between the last quarter of 2009 updates and the first updates of 2010, regrettably delayed—but I believe the delay was fortunate. Quantum technological leaps were made at our “Alaska Summit”.
The presentation is complete and ready for use in either Adobe Acrobat format, embedded with flash videos or in PowerPoint—published with more reliable links to videos in MP4 format.   A full and complete Printable Manual, a User’s Guide will replace the former printable “Binder”.  A good instruction manual is essential. We are taking care and time to ensure it will finally be the guide that will make use of the program much easier for all. In the interim this document will assist you: a slide by slide review of the presentation and the basic overview of structural changes. Another announcement will be made when the Ed4Ed Manual, A User Guide is complete.

OVERVIEW & Ed4Ed Share File Links
The 3rd Edition’s most significant change is the elimination of duplication. Through improved use of technological features, navigational aids in PowerPoint, there is now only one presentation which does the work of all four of the presentations in the 2nd Edition.  In brief, within the presentation are two navigational slides referred to technically as “Touchstone Slides”. When in active presentation view mode the foot notes at the bottom center of each slide will return the user to the first Touchstone Section Slide. The second “Touchstone Slide” is accessed through the first one using the video link. Using the hyper link navigational features the user can jump to the desired section of the presentation and easily select videos. Again, in an active presentation view, the presenter by using the left footer at the bottom of each slide, by selecting it with a right click of a mouse, will activate a pull down window allowing complete slide by slide navigation, allows the presenter to also switch programs and launch videos, or access any other open program the presenter wishes to use in a customized work. It is no longer necessary to know how to edit and re-design custom slides and create custom presentations, copying and pasting slides from Ed4Ed. Simply switch the view and proceed. Planning and selecting sections and individual slides is made easy using the slide by slide guide.

File Download Links:

·Ed4Ed Interim Guide Read Me File.pdf
[Contains Slide Guide & More Information about recent changes]:
·        Ed4Ed 2010 Update Announcement – Single Page:

Carrie Draher, Ed4Ed Program Director

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