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Thursday, January 19, 2012

12 Terrifying Teen 'Games' Your Kid Could Be Playing

12 Terrifying Teen 'Games' Your Kid Could Be Playing

 Credit to Jeanne Sager- Cafemom- The Stir
Taken from great article posted:

30 Seconds Game: You may know it as a knowledge game akin to charades. But among kids, it's generally accepted that playing 30 Seconds means kids fight as hard as they can for half a minute, and the onlookers declare a "winner." By some definitions, the fighting requires punching someone directly in the face, repeatedly.

Skittling: Forget about the yummy candy. Think about what is in your medicine cabinet, because this "game" involves teens raiding Mom and Dad's pills, throwing them all into one pot, and then grabbing a random handful of colorful little capsules, downing them in one incredibly dangerous swallow.

ABC Game: It sounds educational, doesn't it? But this twisted form of Scattegories has almost killed kids who have the letters of the alphabet scratched into their hand over and over by a "friend" as they're forced to name off items in a particular category that begin with each letter of the alphabet (hence ABC). The scratcher continues until the competitor makes it all the way through the alphabet, cutting deeper and deeper into the skin, often leaving behind infected wounds.

Hide and Seek: Oooh, we used to play this when we were little, right? Not exactly. The teen version involves, what else, cars. The hiders turn off their headlights, and the seeker has to find them on the dark road. Of course, no one else can see the darkened cars, and inexperienced teen drivers without headlights can't see where they're going.

Ghosting: There's no seeker in this game, just a bunch of kids who turn off the headlights and drive as fast as they can. I don't really have to describe the risks, do I?

European Vacation: Yet another reason to make you fear the trip to the DMV, this "trip" involves one teen driver motoring in the right lane while their pal moves over to the left lane to drive beside them.

Sack Tapping: Remember when you used to punch your friends in the arm to make it go dead? That was nothing compared to the pain suffered when a boy is hit in the, ahem, balls, and subsequently loses his testicle.

Trunking: Forcing a pal to ride in the trunk of a car may sound reasonable if you've watched too many mob movies, but it's been known to actually kill kids.

Surfing: Oh, if this only involved water. Riding atop a moving car is something done for generations, and yet kids are still dumb enough to do it, often with disastrous results.

Robotripping: Drinking cough syrup like it's a bottle of water, this is supposed to help kids hallucinate. Unfortunately, it can also kill them.

Planking: It's not just for kids, and yet it's still dangerous to lie face down in a random spot for laughs. If you're doing it in the middle of the road, you risk getting run over. Doing it on a balcony? Well, you could fall several stories like the Australian man killed last year.

Choking Game: Just because it's the game that gets the most press doesn't mean kids aren't still trying to achieve a high by cutting off the oxygen to the brain. This can knock kids unconscious or, much worse, cause brain damage or even death. Exact affects are hard to track, because choking game deaths are simply labeled as suicides. The CDC estimates 800 to 1,000 kids between the ages of 10 to 19 die of strangulation every year, and sadly that includes some kids who just thought they were playing a game. It's also called the fainting game, pass-out, good kids high, and choking off, among other names.

Of course we here at Ed4Ed4all are very familiar with many of these, the choking game being one of the most deadly right now, all of these "games" are so very dangerous.

So many Angels~~ still so many stupid people~

So many angels lost and yet why do people still not believe that their kids might
actually be involved in such behavior. Today I read a great article on Cafemom  the "12 Terrifying Teen Games your kids are playing". And as I read the comments I realized how numb parents and teens can be to the real dangers that our kids are faced with everyday, not just teens, but younger children are even faced with youth risk behaviors like "the choking game" or "the pass out game". All of these deadly games are real!! These games injure and kill our kids!

Ask the parents of each and every kid that lost their life in the poster above, that is just a very small portion of the number of dead kids, just from the choking game, there are many more....

The comments below will upset many supporters of our site:

Here is one person "Cass" who is clueless: her comment scares me--

quoted:"Cass" Neither I, nor any teen I know, is dumb enough to do any of these (except perhaps the planking, although there's no way any of then would do it in a dangerous way). I would bet good money that half of these were made up simply for the purposes of scaring moms watching the local news. Seriously, people- if your kid is doing anything this stupid, you made some big mistakes. 

quoted: "Anon" Besides the occasional trunking, surfing, and planking, I don't know of any teen doing these. I agree with Cass. It's like that rumor of rainbow parties- once word got out that kids "did" that, the media picked it up and ran with it. But there was never any evidence that it actually happened. I call BS on most of these. Anything involving drug mixing or chugging is really only a few people, who were already into other harder stuff. 

quoted: "Cass"Thank you, Anon. I'm rather sick of being treated as though I have neither a brain nor a sense of self preservation simply because I'm a teenager. Ridiculous stories like these do not help my credibility. 

quoted: "ohmyskittles:  if you think teens are actually playing these games, you are stupid. I agree with Cass and Anon. Teens are not the monsters that you mommy bloggers make them out to be. If you teen ACTUALLY IS playing these games,you should have raised them better. Your fault for being a bad parent. 

These are the people we need to work so hard to educate!
Any parent of a child who has died from any deadly "game" will agree that they were not at fault nor were a "bad parent", most of these parents are exceptional parents, those comments are cruel and uncalled for. 

Wake up people and get smart!  the 33 kids on that poster should be enough to show you that yes people are doing it!! And Dying!!


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What are the signs??

Information that was shared via John Tesh's Video for your Life website: Thank you for reaching out to parents!

Parents, you may have already talked to your kids about the dangers of alcohol
and Illegal drugs, but there's a danger you may not even know about. It's called the Choking Game, or Space Cowboy, Cloud 9, and Flat-line. lt's where kids deprive their brains of oxygen by briefly strangling themselves with a belt, rope, dog collar, or bungee cord, and get a temporary high when the blood rushes back Into their head. According to ABC News, kids are drawn to the Choking Game because It's cheap, doesn't Involve Illegal drugs, and seems less dangerous. However, It causes
permanent brain damage, and it kills - mostly boys between the ages of 11 and 16.
So, how can you protect your child? Talk to them! Make sure they understand that suffocating themselves to get high can cause permanent brain damage and death. Get them Into other activities -like soccer, hiking, or learning to cook. Studies show that kids who are involved in extracurricular activities are less likely to try to get high.

Also, keep an eye out for red flags like:
Bloodshot eyes, 

marks or bruising around the neck, 
and frequent ,severe headaches, 
pinpoint spots of blood under the skin of the face, especially the eyelids. 
Or in the clearlining of eyelids and eyes.
Also: Unusual demands for privacy, 

disorientation after spending time alone, 
and wearing
high-necked shirts, even In warm weather.
Other red flags include:

Ropes, scarves, t-shirts or belts tied to bedroom furniture or doorknobs, or found knotted on the floor or in unusual places, and the unexplained presence of dog leashes, choke collars, and bungee cords.

If you believe your child's doing something dangerous, seek medical and psychological help Immediately. Your Intervention could literally save their life. You can find a therapist at Alert the parents of your child's friends. If one kid is doing it, there are probably others, and if an older teen is involved, younger kids in the same family may also be at risk.

Anytime your parental sense that something is wrong or different with your child is like a sign that you need to act and investigate what your child might be doing . Don't ever think "Oh I don't want them to get mad at me, who cares if they get mad, let them be mad, at least they will still be alive. Imagine if you found your child dead, hanging from a rope or belt on their bed, you thought something was just not right about them lately, but you did not want to interfere or "make them mad" now they are dead!!! did it really matter?? No, you can't bring them back now!
So be the parent and do something NOW! Talk to them NOW, they are never to young to talk about youth risk behaviors!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Wednesday Angel~~ Cody

Another Angel we have lost due to the choking "pass out" game! Happy New years in Heaven our Angels~~

Cody Willard~

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 Encourage all the children in your life to watch these Angel posts, it might just save a life of your angel on earth.

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