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Friday, August 1, 2014

Challenges that go viral, is death worth internet hits & likes? #firechallenge #passoutchallenge

I know as you read the title you are asking yourself " how can anyone be so crazy to set themselves on fire"?

This is not fun or funny! This is deadly!

Not only are these kids setting themselves on fire, they are using rubbing alcohol as an accelerant and video taping each other to prove they did the #firechallenge.

This young man actually posted a video after this one showing his burns, and telling others Not to do it......ya think?

I just want to scream right now!

The 2 young ladies in the photo above are being video taped while doing the #passoutchallenge , notice the contorted body of the girl on the ground. Most likely caused by a lack of oxygen to her brain, seizure and probable brain cell death occurring. Nobody offers to help her up or make sure she does not injure herself while flopping around on the ground?? How crazy!


Several challenges are circulating the internet & video airwaves right now that are very dangerous for your children to even think about. Search these hashtags :








#spacemonkeychallenge or game


Educate yourself, your kids and others about these deadly risk behaviors!

Save a life! Tell others

For more info and education visit

Also tell social media, esp Facebook to please remove these videos and photos, apparently Facebook does not think that they violate any of their community standards ?? Is this not Self Harm people? YouTube thinks so!






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