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Saturday, September 15, 2012

SPEAK UP! World Choking Game Awareness Day

Mark this date down now! October 11, 2012! 
Go Here Now Facebook Event Page
Do it now! I mean it!
Save the ribbon above onto your computer or device now!
Alright, Thank you! now read this! Make sure to visit all the links and educate yourself!

10-11-12 the ages you should talk to kids because the average age of death is 13. It is estimated that 75% of kids know about the game but 40% of kids think it's harmless. It is not - just start asking 13 and 14 yr olds if they've heard of a game where kids pass out for fun because it has way too many names among kids to ask just about the choking game..

On 10/11/12, we request that you make the ribbon your profile pic or at least talk to some people about the game. 

IT IS going on around you - SPEAK UP

 and help keep our children from dying a senseless death.

Thank you to the Kris Marceno Foundation for their award winning PSA -

For more information on how to talk to young kids and how to educate yourself please look at the following links -

1. Erik's Cause

2. The Kris Marceno Foundation

3. Ed4Ed4All

4. DB Foundation


6. The JLPL Choking Game Awareness Foundation

7. Racing For Andrew


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