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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wednesday's Angels ~ Braden Erickson (1992-2005)

~~Braden Erickson (1992-2005)~~

No farewell words were spoken........
No time to say goodbye........
You were gone before we knew it
And only God knows why.

His family is convinced that he died engaging a particularly lethal type of risky behavior. It is known as "The Choking Game", "Pass Out". "American Dream", "Flatliner", "Space Monkey" and various other names. Kids have been participating in this activity for generations. Frequently, deaths caused by this game are mislabeled as suicides by the authorities. Kids believe it is a safe activity. Obviously, that is not true. The weapon in the campaign to stop these deaths is information. Most adults have no idea that their children are doing this. For more information about this lethal activity, go to   

Click link to view In Loving Memory of Braden Euqene Erickson.  This video was created by Denise Bruckner, Austin Bruckner's Mom.  Austin also died participating in the "Choking Game"   Thanks so much, Denise.

He was such a sweet, funny, loving, intelligent generous person just undergoing the transition from boy to young man. He had started wearing cologne but he still slept with his little brown stuffed bunny. He had endless patience when it came to something he really wanted to do. Fishing for example, or stalking dragon flies or lizards.

He had many friends in Alaska, on the island of Maui where he lived with his family for two years, and in Tolleson, Arizona where he and his family had lived for the past two years. He kept in touch with his friends in Alaska and Maui.

Braden loved life and he loved all of God's creatures. He had a special affinity for reptiles and was the proud owner of a ball python named Squeeze, a monitor lizard and another smaller snake. The family also has a black toy poodle and a pot bellied pig both of which Braden played with and helped to care for.

Braden was born on February 19, 1992. His little brother, Jesse was born on February 20, 2002, ten years and one day later. Braden thought of Jess as his birthday present and watched over him like a guardian angel. Jess misses him so!! He has told his Mom he doesn't want Brady to be in heaven any more. He wants him to come home.

Shortly before he died, Braden used his Birthday money to pay for some of his friends to get into a dance at school. He was always willing to share whatever he had with others. He would not stand by and watch a bully torment a smaller or weaker child, and he would not back down from a bully.

The ongoing theme in all of the letters his family received from his friends and classmates after his death was that he made everyone laugh. He had an off-the-wall sense of humor. which he used to brighten the world around him. The outpouring of affection for him was amazing. His classmates organized a car wash. His teachers purchased and delivered to his family a package of school pictures which he had not yet picked up. His friends in Tolleson and Wasilla had tee shirts made in his honor and wore them to school. There was standing room only at his service. Several of his classmates spoke. The school that he attended in Kehei, Maui sent two fresh flower leis.
Family Tree

Our Angel this week reminds us why we are thankful for small blessings

All I Want For Christmas

I know you feel this is the first Christmas without me,

And all these Christmas decorations you can’t stand to see._

I know you keep asking God “why?”,

I also know you sometimes late at night you lay in your bed and cry.

I know this will be hard but there are some things I need you to do for me,

This Christmas do a little make-believe.

I want you to smile, when you want to cry,

I want you to live, even when you feel like you want to die.

When your heart has no song, I still want you to sing,

When your hands don’t feel like cooking,

I want to make that sweet potato pie to bring.

I want you to laugh when the kids sing Jingle Bells,

And I want you to get your Christmas cards done and mailed.

I know this seems like a lot to ask of you,

But in return this is what I will do.

I will be there to wrap my arms around you when you are down,

I will make sure you hear a joke to make you smile instead of frown.

I will help you remember the words to even the hardest Christmas song,

But most of all, I will help you understand that Heaven is where I truly belong.

So this Christmas season, I’ll still be there,

I will be the cold wind that blows you hair.

I will be in the twinkle in the lights on your Christmas tree,

I will be in the sound of the children’s voice as they sing,

And I will be in the giggle you hear when they open the gifts you bring.

I’ll be in the scent of Christmas dinner in the air,

And when you feel that special “warmth” you’ll know I am there.

So this isn’t the first Christmas without me,

Just look around and there I will be……..

by Rachel

Do you have a child or teen that has died and been lost to a senseless act of youth risk behaviors, we would love to have permission to feature their story and help their
legacy live on to help others. Please email me Leslie and I will be glad to help you.

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