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Monday, October 10, 2011

Our New Website!!

Our fabulous Lyndi Trost (Network Director of Ed4Ed) has created the new website and it is awesome, page after page of great information, events, videos, alerts and news for parents, free downloadable materials, how to get involved and links to resources.
This organization is dedicated to those young people who have been needlessly injured or killed  as a result of participating in behaviors without adequate information concerning the risks they are taking.  We as a group are aware of about 1,000 such young people and the number is increasing steadily.  To prevent these senseless tragedies,
Education is the essential element:
  • Understanding Choices
  • Weighing Chances
  • Evaluating potential outcomes - Benefits vs, Risk
in guiding our youth to healthy choices ushering in bright futures.
Scientific research and professionals concur:  Youth will take risks.  Scientific research based on youth studies conclude:  Knowledge is the single factor that determines the risks they will choose to take.  Risk experimentation ends in needless tragedy and experience is not the best teacher.
Many of our members have been personally affected by these behaviors which include but are not limited to "The Choking Game'. Emo, Dusting and Pharm Parties.

Mission Statement
The Ed4Ed mission is to provide an aid to be shared free of cost with all who care for youth.  The single goal is elimination of youth dying and suffering grave injury due to a simple lack of knowledge. These senseless tragedies can be prevented.  This will be accomplished through awareness of and education about emerging youth risk behavior trends. 
To be effective the program must be efficient, flexible, adaptable, accessible, easy to use and offered freely.   

So what are you waiting for? come on over and check out our new website and tell us what you think.

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